One-day workshop on
Orgainzed by Society for Advancement of Electrochemical
Science and Technology
In Collaboration with Central Electrochemical Research Institute
Karaikudi-630003, Tamil Nadu,India


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FUNMAT-2017 (Monday, the 22nd May, 2017)

Polymers are ubiquitous—they are everywhere, from toys, shoes and upholstery to heart valves, drug release carriers, and beyond. Electrochemical technologies are replete with examples where polymers perform some of the most critical functions, often in ways most inscrutable. Applications range from binders for slurries of active materials, battery separator membranes and interpenetrating networks to ionically conducting materials and electronically conducting materials for batteries, supercapacitors and electromagnetic shielding. The workshop on Advanced Functional Materials with theme of Polymers for Electrochemical Applications that the Functional Materials Division is organizing is an occasion to celebrate polymers as an essential part of electrochemistry.
Topics to be covered: Advanced Energy Storage Materials, Photofunctional Materials, Low-dimensional Material, Carbon-based Materials, Magnetoelectric Materials and Computational Modelling and Simulations of Materials.

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